Welsh Terrier

Other Names : Welshie

Country of Origin : Wales

Dog Group : Terrier


Some historians think that these Terriers are a direct link to the Old English Black and Tan (or the Broken-Coated Terrier) but there are lengthy Welsh pedigrees which would imply that the breed is not a descendant of the now extinct English breed. In 1737, residents in Carnarvonshire were said to pride themselves on the purity of their Welsh Terriers. Indeed, the breed was known as the Carnarvonshire Welsh Terrier. For over two and a half centuries this breed was used for pack hunting of otters and badgers and the breed was given separate recognition in 1885 in England. However, in America, the breed was still grouped as Old English Terrier until 1901.


Small, compact, sturdy-looking dogs, Welshies are also smart and workmanlike. They have wiry, hard coats and stand squarely right up on their toes.

Feeding & Ownership

They are relatively easy dogs to feed as they are not too fussy about their food.


Welshies are active, cheerful dogs that are intelligent and affectionate. They bond very closely with their families although they can be somewhat reserved with strangers. They enjoy playing games and, as such, are ideal for children, taking some rough and tumble. If introduced to cats and other household animals when young, they will accept them willingly. If not, they will have a tendency to chase them. They are happiest being the only dog in the household! They are brave dogs who will hold their own fearlessly, although they are not normally aggressive.


Welshies need their coats plucked 2 or 3 times a year. Brushing and combing should be done 2 or 3 times a week. If being shown, more regular attention is necessary.


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