Welsh Springer Spaniel

Other Names : Welsh Springer, Welshie

Country of Origin : Wales


It is believed that the Welsh Springer has existed as a breed since the 1600's. They were found mainly in Wales and the west of England, being used for shepherding and cattle droving. It is possible that crosses of the Welsh Sheepdog and the Corgi were conducted. After centuries, the breed became known in the east of England and Scotland where they were used as gundogs and for breeding. Their versatile abilities and hunting instincts made them prime candidates for worldwide ownership and by the 19th and 20th centuries were exported abroad to countries including America, India and Australia. Before acceptance into the British Kennel Club in 1902 the breed was known as Welsh Cockers.


Compact, symmetrical dogs, Welshies are built for endurance and hard work. They are quick, active movers, covering the ground with smooth, powerful strides. They have glossy, silky, flat coats with feathering on their extremities.

Feeding & Ownership


Welshies have all the soft-eyed faithfulness of the other spaniels and are totally devoted to their families. They are high-spirited, good-natured companions. They are people-orientated dogs but can be a bit reserved with strangers. However, they will never show any aggression. They mix well with children and other household pets. They are family dogs and need company.


This breed does not need a lot of grooming but the feathering will need regular combing, brushing and trimming. The ears should be trimmed regularly to prevent infections.


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