Sussex Spaniel

Country of Origin : England

Dog Group : Gundog


The Sussex Spaniel was around in the early 1800's as part of a melange of land spaniels. The main interest in the breed began with Mr Fuller, a Sussex landowner. He had large kennels and kept several spaniels including Sussex Spaniels. He bred them for working and owned the breed for 50 years until the 1850's. By the time of the second world war there were few Sussex being bred from and it is thought that after the war only 5 Sussex Spaniels remained. Fortunately the breed has had dedicated followers and in particular Mrs Freer provided a link over 6 decades. She devoted her life to breeding the Sussex Spaniel for posterity. Today, this is still a numerically small breed with only 60-100 registrations each year.


The Sussex Spaniel is a heavily built, sturdy dog, with rather short and strong legs. They have a wide head and short muzzle with a frowning quizzical expression. Their eyes are mid-brown in colour. This dog has a short abundant coat of rich golden liver.

Feeding & Ownership

As a rule they will adapt to most foods, however some puppies can be difficult eaters.


These are happy and adaptable dogs who can also be very laid back. They make very good pets, but they need plenty of socialisation when young. It is important that they are introduced regularly to children, dogs, cars etc when young. This socialisation should be kept up until the dog is mature. They love hunting and are sometimes more interested in this than anything else when outside, so training when they are young is needed. They can be difficult with strange dogs, but they should be introduced to dogs at an early age.


As a rule a brush or comb through every day is ideal. The ears should be kept clean and checked for foreign bodies regularly. The hair around the pads should be trimmed and check between the claws for grass seeds. They do not require a professional groomer however if they are neutered the dog sometimes looks better if the coat is trimmed.


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