Schnauzer Miniature

Other Names : Zwergschnauzer

Country of Origin : Germany

Dog Group : Utility


A Schnauzer type dog has been represented in art and sculptures as early as the 1400’s. This breed is a result of crossing the Standard Schnauzer with the Affenpinscher and other small breeds. The name Schnauzer was first associated with this breed in 1879. They were recognised as a separate breed in 1899 in Germany and first appeared in America in 1925.


The Miniature Schnauzer is a small sized dog. They are sturdy and muscular with an alert outlook. Their eyebrows, moustache and leg hair gives them a very distinctive appearance.

Feeding & Ownership

Feeding of this little dog is relatively easy, however care must be taken that they do not become overweight.


The Mini is a lively, active little dog. They can be stubborn and wilful and do need a firm hand when training. They do get on well with children and other household pets if they are introduced at an early age. The Miniature Schnauzer makes an ideal family pet and watchdog. They are quite vocal and will be quick to alert the family of any strangers approaching their territory. The Miniature Schnauzer is the most popular of the three Schnauzer breeds, it also is said to have the best temperament.


The coat of the Mini is harsh, wiry and short with a dense undercoat. All over grooming is required at least twice a week. Hand stripping is a must for the show ring but clipping is straightforward and easy for the smart family pet although the body colour does pale over the years.


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