Schnauzer Giant

Other Names : Riesenschnauzer

Country of Origin : Germany

Dog Group : Working Dog


A Schnauzer type dog has been represented in art and sculptures as early as the 1400’s. The Giant Schnauzer evolved from the Standard Schnauzer. It originates from southern Germany and the nearby regions of Switzerland and France. Originally it was used as a cattle herder in the 15th century until the railroads were developed. In the 19th century the Giants became popular in the towns as guard dogs. During the world wars this dog was used for police and war work, resulting in the breed being nearly wiped out. They were first shown in 1909 and first appeared in America at this time. They have never really been popular dogs but they have many endearing qualities.


The Giant Schnauzer is a large sized dog that appears almost square. The breed is sturdy and muscular with an alert outlook. Hair on the eyebrows, moustache and legs is longer than elsewhere, giving them a very distinctive appearance. The Giant has a rectangular head and the body length equals the height at the withers.

Feeding & Ownership

The Schnauzer is a fairly undemanding dog feeding wise.


Giants are lively, active dogs and they can be stubborn and wilful and need a firm hand when training. They can become one man or one family dogs and may become very territorial. They do get on well with other dogs, household pets and children. They are ideally suited to the active family. They are quick to alert the family of any strangers approaching their territory, as they are excellent guard dogs. They should be socialized and training started at an early age. They are not the ideal dogs for the novice owner.


The coat of the Giant is harsh, wiry and short with a dense undercoat. All over grooming is required at least twice a week. Hand stripping is a must for the show ring but clipping is straightforward and easy for the smart family pet.


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