Rhodesian Ridgeback

Other Names : Ridgeback, Lion Dog, African Lion Hound Country of Origin : South Africa Dog Group : Hound


Records show that the Hottentots of South Africa used ridge-backed dogs as hunters and companions from at least the 15th century. They were bred as big game hunters, to track and trap the prey but not to attack. Once they had cornered their prey they would bark to alert the hunter. In the 1800’s European settlers bred these dogs to their own mastiffs and scent hounds thus producing the Ridgeback we know today. Nowadays few of these dogs are used for their original purpose of hunting; instead they are guard dogs and companions.


The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a medium sized, solid coloured, active dog with a short coat. These powerful, agile dogs have a distinctive ridge of hair along their backs. This ridge runs along the spine as a tapering line.

Feeding & Ownership

The Ridgeback is an undemanding dog to feed with no special dietary requirements; they generally have a good appetite.


The Ridgeback is a strong, powerful, large and bold dog. They make an excellent family dog, with their dignified and gentlemanly character. They have to know from an early age who the leader of the pack is, because they can be quite determined and stubborn. Although quite placid and confident at home, they are very wary of strangers. Not the ideal breed for the novice owner.


The Rhodesian Ridgeback is an easy breed to groom. Their shorthaired coats can be groomed using a rubber-grooming mitt once or twice a week.


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