Pointer Dog

Other Names : English Pointer Country of Origin : England Dog Group : Gundog


The exact origin of the Pointer is not entirely clear: whether they originate from Spanish Pointers or from Continental Pointers is uncertain. What is certain is that English Pointers date back to the 1600's, a native breed to the British Isles, being used to 'point' game out to hunters. These early dogs worked with Greyhounds in hare-coursing, the Pointers being used to point out hares for the Greyhounds to seize. In the early 1700's, wing shooting came into fashion and this was when their true skills became apparent. To this day, Pointers are exceptional hunting dogs.


Pointers have a lithe, athletic frame. Their whole appearance is one of graceful curves. Pointers are muscular dogs, covering the ground smoothly and at good speed, with a driving hind action. Their coats are perfectly smooth, straight and short with a tremendous sheen. They carry their heads nobly and proudly. Their most distinguishing features are the slight concavity on top of their muzzles which gives their noses a tip-tilted appearance and the typical pointer stance with tail and foreleg raised and head extended towards the quarry.

Feeding & Ownership


Pointers are more popular as working dogs than as pets although they are ideally suited towards home life. They are friendly, affectionate and obedient dogs who get on well with other dogs and household animals if introduced to them early on in their lives. They are generally loving and patient towards children and they love to be included in all family matters. They need human contact and are very much in tune with household circumstances. Because of their friendliness, they are not ideal guard dogs, greeting everybody in the same welcoming manner, but they will bark when someone comes to the door. Pointers are known for their even and kind dispositions. Because of their fine skins, Pointers need to be kept in warm, draught-free conditions. They will become destructive and are prone to behavioural problems if left alone for too long.


One of the easiest breeds to groom, Pointers only need a brush over during the moulting seasons. However regular inspection of the coat should be made as skin problems can occur.


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