King Charles Spaniel

Other Names : English Toy Spaniel

Country of Origin : England

Dog Group : Toy


The English Toy Spaniels ancestry can be trace back to Asian spaniels and some believe they were developed from the Pug, however the English Toy was primarily developed in the British Isles. This loving companion dog became a darling of the British royalty. The King Charles Spaniel got their name from King Charles II, who owned quite a few of them.


The King Charles Spaniel is a small, sturdy, square spaniel with a black, open nostril, pug like nose and dome-shaped skull. Their teeth should be slightly undershot and their eyes are large and round with a sweet expression. Their long feathered ears hang along their cheeks, their soft, silky coat is well feathered.

Feeding & Ownership

These dogs are relatively easy to feed, not requiring any supplements or special diets. The main thing to remember is not to overfeed as they do have a tendency to become overweight.


The breed is naturally well-behaved and intelligent. They are friendly with other dogs and are known to be good with all children. Do not allow this sweet dog to developed Small Dog Syndrome, this is a human induced behaviour where the dog is led to believe they are pack leader. If a dog develops Small Dog Syndrome they can display behaviours such as acting timid, demanding, willfulness and obsessive barking, however puppies should be well-socialised let them meet different people and animals in a positive environment, this way they will be exposure to a variety of situations.


The folds of their face can become dry so it is recommended that you apply lotion available from your veterinarian. Their coat is prone to matting so it is advised to brush them twice a week, paying special attention to the hair on their chest, behind the ears, and between the legs. It is also important to remove any dirt or loose hairs from their ear canals as they can be prone to infections.


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