Kerry Blue Terrier

Other Names : Irish Blue Terrier

Country of Origin : Ireland

Dog Group : Terrier


The Kerry Blue Terrier originated from the County of Kerry in Ireland in the 1700's. This is where the name "Kerry" was derived, and "Blue" came from the colour of their coat. The Kerry Blue Terrier is the national terrier of Ireland, they are also known as the Irish Blue Terrier. The Kerry Blue Terrier has had many jobs throughout the years they have been used as a small game hunters, retrievers and livestock herder, they have even been used for police work. The Kerry Blue Terrier has become a symbol of Ireland. It is unknown which breeds were crossed to develop the Kerry Blue, but many believe the Portuguese Water Dog contributed to the silky, wavy single coat and others think the Kerry Blue Terrier was developed from the old black terriers, the Spanish (or Russian) "Blue Dog", Soft coated Wheaten Terrier and Irish Terriers.


The Kerry Blue Terrier is a well-developed, muscular terrier, with a soft, dense coat. Their head is long but is in proportioned to their body, their nose is black with wide nostrils. They have V-shaped ears and are small in size. Their eyes are dark and small. Their limbs have a powerful bone structure. The Kerry Blue Terrier are born black, and transitions to the Blue mature colour at around 18 months old. Black to very dark blue (darker than deep slate) shades or tinges of brown to different shades of blue gray. The coat of the Kerry Blue Terrier is soft, thick and abundant­ly curly coat without an under-layer.

Feeding & Ownership

The Wire is not demanding in its feeding requirements. They do eat a lot considering their size but they are active little dogs.


The Kerry Blue Terriers are lively and boisterous, and can be self-confident and stubborn, without regular and consist training. They rarely bark. The Kerry Blue Terrier can be loving with children, and can enjoy the company of other animals as long as they are well socialised from a young age. This breed is not recommended for first time pet owners. Owners need to consist with the rules and training.


Kerry Blue Terriers should be groomed every 6 weeks. They also need to have their ears plucked from their ear canals, as they are prone to ear infections when the ear hair gets too long and wax and dirt have built up. In addition to this, they will need grooming once a week with brush and comb. The distinctive blue coat is not only beautiful, but practical as well. The Kerry Blue sheds little to no hair and is odourless, even when wet. Bathing and combing every week is a must! Without proper care their beard will get smelly and packed with food and dirt.


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