Finnish Lapphund

Updated: Jul 3, 2018

Country of Origin : Norodic Countries

Dog Group : Working Dog


Finnish Lapphunds were first used as reindeer herders for the indigenous people in Nordic countries such as Russia, Sweden, Finland, and Norway. Sweden and Norway were believed to be the first countries to set the standard for the Finnish Lapphund prior to Wold War II, however after the war this breed was in danger of extinction due to a massive distemper outbreak. The Finnish Kennel Club set the standards for this breed, and named it Lappish Herder (also called Kukonharjunlainen), in 1966 the breed underwent reassessment and the Finnish Lapphund was then given definition in 1967.


The Finnish Lapphund is a medium-sized dogs with strong physiques. They have a double coat which consist of coarse, long topcoats and fluffy, short undercoats. The hair on their necks and head are thicker than the rest of their body, giving them the appearance of having a mane.

Feeding & Ownership

On the whole these dogs are not big eaters when you consider the amount of exercise they require.


The Finnish Lapphund is known as a friendly, intelligent and sociable dog who loves to work. They are a very ac­tive and energetic breed. Due to they social nature they are quite good with children and other animals.


Because of the density of the coat, they require frequent care and maintenance, owners will need to comb and brush their dogs' coats at least twice a week, and daily when they are shedding. As the undercoat is extremely thick they must not be allowed to matt, as this a can cause the dog to suffer.


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