Boston Terrier

Other Names : Boston Bull

Country of Origin : United States

Dog Group : Utility


The Boston was, in the 1800's, originally a cross between an English Bulldog and an English White Terrier. More crossbreedings were carried out and the Boston was further developed. This occurred around 1893. The breeds used for this further crossing were the English Bull Terrier, Boxer and the Pit Bull Terrier along with other terriers. Originally the Boston weighed over 20kgs but was bred smaller and smaller until they became the size we know them as today.


The Boston is a small happy dog that can be a little boisterous at times. They have a short, square muzzle and a square skull. They are short coated and short tailed. The chest is not as deep as the other bull breeds that they have descended from. They have thin ears which stand erect at the corners of their flat skull. The thighs of this dog are strong and well muscled. They carry themselves with an impression of determination and strength. Their gait is one of ease and grace. The eyes of the Boston are quite prominent and bulging.

Feeding & Ownership

They are not very demanding in their feeding requirements but can be prone to being greedy.


The Boston is a lively and intelligent little dog that can be quite determined and strong willed. They are very good with children and make ideal house dogs. They can be quite boisterous and do love to play. Care must be taken that games are not too rough as they can be prone to injury, especially the eyes as they bulge out slightly. They do love human company and make affectionate pets. They also make excellent watch dogs, and are not yappy with it. If introduced to other household pets when young there will be no problems.


The Boston is easily groomed, a grooming mitt used on the coat once a week should be adequate enough to remove any dead hairs from the coat. This is a clean breed with no doggy odours.


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