Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Updated: Jul 3, 2018

Other Names : Karabash or Kangal Dog

Country of Origin : Turkey

Dog Group : Working Dog


The Anatolian was once used for hunting lions and horses, now they are used for guarding flocks of sheep and goats in Turkey. They are an ancient breed that is regarded as a national emblem in Turkey.


The Karabash is a large powerfully built mastiff type dog. They are best known for their distinctive facial markings, cream to fawn with a black mask and ears. They have a short dense coat which is relatively easy to keep. As a breed they are slow to mature, males can be 4 years old and females can be 3 before they are fully mature.

Feeding & Ownership

As these dogs are so large they do need a lot of feeding, especially as young dogs, and this can be quite expensive. The adult dog will not eat a vast amount of food once it is fully grown.


Anatolian Shepherd dogs are territorial. They are natural guard dogs, independent and very intelligent. They must be socialized from a very early age as their guarding instinct is very strong. They are gentle with children, but must be watched due to their size. They can be aggressive (especially the males) to same sexed dogs in the same household and, because of their susceptibility to fleas, should not live with cats or other household pets. This is not a suitable breed for novice dog owners.


The grooming of this dog is relatively easy. The coat is short and dense with a thick undercoat and will only need brushing once a week. They will shed heavily during the moulting seasons.


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